“Design is a journey of discovery”
-Josh McFadden, Founder & Lead Creative

About Rockpile

Rockpile is a design studio that brings out the best in every brand identity. We create engaging and eye-catching customer experiences that will charm and hook your target audience. Located in the heart of the beautiful San Diego, we’re always on an ongoing quest to find the next exciting project.

Embedded in our philosophy, name and work process! We’re the “Rockpile”, we’re not easily moved by any obstacle in our path, as we’re ready to break through every expectation. We’re strongly committed to turning every idea into viable projects, even if they come in the form of funny doodles. Don’t smash your head trying to present yourself nicely, when you can easily leave that to us. We’ve done it countless times for a lot of people, so they can focus on their dreams and goals, while tune them into success.

We recognize that consumers are bombarded with thousands of ads every day, as there’s a form of media always trying to sell us something at every corner. This has reached a zenith where majority of ads are either downright boring or annoying, prompting people to always skip them

However, there’s still magic out there. There are ads we remember from our childhood, because the brands managed to gain our trust and love, gaining a long lasting impression on us all. It may be your favorite coffee aroma you love waking up to, in the morning, or a glass of that familiar wine or beer at the end of a long day. It may be those stylish shoes you’re wearing, the phone you carry, or the car you drive. We connect and use our favorite brands daily, to a point where they become a part of our lives, treasured in our hearts and minds.

We believe the right design creates connections and sparks emotions, making everything clearer. Rockpile sees design as the best way to bring ideas to life and turn dreams into reality. We use our research and expertise, to create enchanting experiences that contribute to business success. We rigorously create the right environment for a deeper understanding of a problem, product, or behavior. Empathy for genuine human experiences is where our processes starts, ending with evidenced results based on real customer behavior and feedback.

Nowadays, people seek an emotional bond with the products and brands they love. Oftentimes, this bond is due to the magic of great visuals and designs. From logo to entire packaging offerings, we create that magic. We will build for you a strong, recognizable brand that all customers will love.

Your logos, product labels and packages are your silent salespeople, which showcases your brand identity to the world. Rockpile Design will create the right image, and send the right message to your future and potential consumers. Therefore, let us be the charming bridge between you and your target audience

Josh McFadden, Founder

Experienced design consultant specializing in brand design & development. Helping SME’s grow and get the maximum out of their products through his matchless Designing Expertise. Knows exactly how to convert your dreams into designs. Spearheading a Branding Agency (Rockpile Design) to provide Entrepreneurs with all branding services to get them to grow faster.  

So wait no more, contact us now and let us do our magic!